Great Marketing Tips You Can Use Right Now to Build your Thai Massage Clientele

We are seeing some wonderful success stories of people able to give up their day job and practice Thai Massage full time, or have Thai Massage as a reliable source of supplementary income.

Here are some of my tips you can use right now to build your passion into a business:

1) Build relationships and get people talking.

Thai Massage is Love, by Shai Plonski

Thai Massage is love, a love of the highest order. The reason d’etre behind my teaching is to help understand what this is all about and why Thai Massage helps you to give the absolute best treatments you ever thought possible.

Study Thai Massage

Still Light Centre welcomes students from other lineages and Thai massage schools to continue and deepen their training with us. We evaluate prospective students on a case-by-case basis. Acceptance into higher-level and discounts into some earlier classes will be determined on a number of factors including previous training and comfort in practicing massage techniques already […]