2-Step Shoulder & Neck Table Thai Yoga Massage Tutorial

In two minutes you get to learn easy, effortless and effective Neck & Shoulder Table Thai Yoga Massage techniques!

These can be used on loved ones and in professional settings to get out knots, tension and pain from the shoulders and neck.

You get to use your fingertips, forearms and elbows so there is no strain on your body.

I show you how to do this on a massage table, but it can easily be adapted onto a bed. Just have your partner lie down and put a chair in front of them so you can sit comfortably and away you go.

If you had just 5 minutes to give your partner a massage, chances are this is the perfect session to give them. The tension we hold in our neck and on the back of our shoulders is likely the number one reason for getting a Table Thai Yoga Massage!

One of the things that makes this uniquely Thai Yoga Massage is that the giver benefits physically, energetically and spiritually. Helping someone never felt so good!!!

Try it out and please leave your questions and comments below!

This is part eight of a series that will share techniques for Table Thai Yoga Massage for the whole body!

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