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The Still Light Student Referral Program!

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Exclusively for the students of Still Light Centre!

The referral program is:

  • A win-win-win way for all of us to share Thai Massage
  • Still Light gains new students into our school
  • You share something you love with your community and are paid for your efforts
  • Your community gets to learn and fall in love with Thai Massage and share it with their loved ones and clients


How it works:

  • Keep track of our upcoming classes
  • Use Facebook, various other social media outlets, emails, face to face meetings etc. to let your community know about our classes
  • Send us a list of your potential referrals and we’ll keep it on file or ask your friends to tell us who referred them when getting in touch with us and we will do the same with our new students
  • We will pay you $100 for the first referral for a Thai 101 course and $150 for any additional student you refer to that course.
  • Alternatively instead of a cash payment you can choose a $150 credit towards any Still Light Class held in Toronto*
  • We will pay you once they have paid for their course in full and completed the first day of class
  • Bonus #1! You’ll receive an extra $180 if your referrals sign up for the complete Professional Training Program
  • Bonus #2! For every 4 students you refer you can also take one advanced 300 level class for free on top of the referral money you’ll earn. That’s a $300 gift for helping to share Thai Massage!


Who is eligible?

  • Any Still Light Centre student who has completed Thai 101 or an equivalent
  • This program applies to courses completed at the Still Light Centre in Toronto


Why are we doing this when no other school does?

  • Most of our students come as a result of word of mouth and we want to reward you –our students- for being great ambassadors – and give extra rewards to our BEST ambassadors
  • It is a big commitment in time and money to become awesome at giving Thai Massage and this is a way we can give back
  • We know that we attract so many caring and wonderful people to our school and this will help to bring in more of the very best students in the world
  • We love ideas that are win-win-win!!


The Not so Fine Print

  • Credits expire after 1 year
  • If a person chooses to have a class credit, that choice cannot be reversed
  • Class credits cannot be transferred to friends and family
  • *Specialized events and classes such as Anatomy courses and Fascia and Thai Massage classes where a teacher is invited in to teach are not included in the program. For an up to date list of those courses please email us

To get started simply email us to register!



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