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Thai 302 Exploring the Thai Massage Energy Lines (Sip Sen)

Here is a video that explains why anyone who wants to advance their expertise in Thai Massage needs to deepen their relationship to energy and the subtler aspects of giving. I also give a brief overview of what you learn in our Thai 302 training!! This course is all about learning the sip sen or 10 energy lines that are used for creating therapeutic treatments. We’ll map out all of the sen lines, practice giving sen line massages and learn how to combine this potent knowledge with ayurveda and Thai Massage postures in order to give outstanding massages. This is an essential component for anyone interested in a career of giving Thai Massage.

To register for this class at Still Light Centre click here: http://stillightcentre.com/category/courses-calendar/

If you have any questions or would like to share your story integrating sen lines into Thai Massage leave your comments below!


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